New shoes.
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Comfortable Sunday, drinking a blue moon watching a Level Up podcast with Miles Johnston. This is Life.

I’m sorry sir, we stop selling beer at 11:45

Sick, I submitted my fanart piece of Janus from Smite to the studios community art show. And, it made it in. Sweet! Check it out, here’s the link "Janus" my piece comes on at about 44:15 if you’re impatient ha! Enjoy!

Enjoying my new position.


Finished up some fanart for Smite. Here’s Janus, one of their more recent gods. Enjoy! 

Here’s a crop (W.I.P) of some fanart I’m doing for Smite.
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Had tons of fun painting this piece. It came out better than I thought! I fucking love this show! Feel free to tell me what you think about it! Enjoy!